Best Nursery Gliders

Welcome to Our Site! If you’re Searching for the Best Nursery Gliders reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the list of Best Nursery Gliders currently available on the market. Their different features and price points allow you to choose what best fits your needs and your budget. Let’s take a look at what makes these Nursery Gliders stand-out values.

When I had my first child, I knew that I wanted to have a nursery. My wife and I were fortunate to find a house that had enough room for us and our soon to be children, so we went all out and made a nursery for our babies, which eventually became a bedroom for our third child. Nonetheless, if you want to make a nursery for your baby, then you may be wondering what all needs to go inside of it. There are plenty of open items that need to be included, such as a changing table, crib, and a dresser for clothes, but one piece that I found to be crucial for us was a glider.

If you’re not familiar with glider chairs, they are simply a variation of a rocker, except that they glide back and forth, rather than rocking at an angle. When it comes to spending quality time with your baby or rocking him or her to sleep, I find that a glider works a lot better than a traditional rocking chair, for a multitude of reasons. Today I’ll be showing you some of the best gliders on the market today, as well as teach you what to look for when making your purchase so you can get the support, comfort, and features that you and your baby need.

How to Choose the Best Nursery Glider

At first glance, it may seem like a pretty straightforward process to buy a chair. However, there are many elements to a glider that you have to consider before making a final decision. The first thing you need to ask yourself is what are you using it for? Will it is for you mostly, or will you be sitting with your baby too? Whether it’s breastfeeding or reading to your child, having a glider that can accommodate both of you is essential for any nursery. Here are the top factors to consider when picking out your chair.


I would go so far as to say that the most important part of a chair is the seat. If the seat isn’t comfortable, then what’s the point of getting it in the first place? While seats may seem identical at first, there are some things you need to watch out for.

  • Springs: if you plan on sitting in this chair for hours on end (or sleeping in it) then you want a seat that has a little bounce to it. The new springs will conform to your body and enable you to stay in it for longer than you would with just a standard cushion.
  • Width: are you just planning on sitting with your newborn? Alternatively, do you want a chair that you can use for years and years? As our kids aged, we would have them sit with us in the glider so we could read to them and help them fall asleep. If that sounds like something you’d like, then you need to get a seat that’s wide enough for both you and your toddler.
  • Material: babies are notorious for making messes, and if you are going to be spending much time in this chair, you have to plan ahead. I would always advise getting some kind of seat cover for any chairs in your house, but some nursery gliders are made to repel stains and liquids so you can clean up messes that much easier.

Locking Mechanism

Although gliding back and forth is pretty much the entire purpose of this type of chair, some models come with a locking mechanism, so you aren’t always in motion. Sometimes, especially with a fussy baby, having a seat lock in place can be a great thing. This feature is not all too common, however, so you’ll have to look around to find a piece that has it.


When our first baby was born, there were so many nights where we would fall asleep in the chair after getting him to sleep. If you think this is a possibility (it most definitely will be, trust me), then you’ll want to get a glider that also reclines. After a few nights of sleeping in an upright position, you’ll understand why.


Another nice feature to have with your nursery glider is the ability to swivel. At first, this may seem like a superfluous function, but I find that swiveling is something that will improve the overall feel of the chair. That way as well, you don’t have to wonder if you put it at the right angle since you can move around to wherever you need it.


When looking at any furniture that will go in your nursery, safety is always a primary concern. With gliders, there are moving parts and pieces that can be dangerous for little hands and fingers. Most nursery gliders will take extra care to keep these pieces covered, but if they are exposed, be aware that your little ones might get themselves stuck somehow.

Extra Accessories

In addition to all of the built-in features for gliders, some other accessories can turn it into a top quality piece of furniture.

  • Pockets: you don’t want to have to get up to get something once you’ve settled in, especially if your baby is sleeping. To help you out, some gliders have pockets on the sides where you can store anything you need, whether it’s a bottle, wipes, or even a bedtime book.
  • Ottoman: I always love having a foot rest, and some models will come with an ottoman for added comfort. The best types of ottomans for gliders are ones that move with the chair, but sometimes it can be fun to have a stationary footrest that you can use to steady yourself, especially if the chair doesn’t have a locking mechanism.

Final Verdict

When trying to decide which nursery glider is best, I have to say that all of these pieces are equally fantastic. However, if I had to pick just one, then I would opt for either the Babyletto Madison chair, the Stork Craft Tuscany Glider, or the Naomi Home Sleigh Glider. I would choose the Madison because it has water repellant material and swivels, or the Tuscany because it has an elegant design, extra storage, and an ottoman included. Finally, I would pick the Naomi Home Glider because it reclines and locks into place, which is a wonderful feature. Overall, though, each one of these gliders is top-rated for quality and comfort, so no matter which one you choose, you are sure to be satisfied.