Ok parents, here’s the deal. Just because you went out and bought that nice pack n play for your child doesn’t mean that they are going to sleep in it. It seems that children like to sleep on rock-hard surfaces as much as you do. In order for you to get the most use (and rest) out of your new pack n play, you need to buy a Best Pack n Play Mattress to put in it.

For those who don’t know, a pack n play is a crib-sized playpen that you can fold up and take with you as a place to sleep for your child. Many parents use them exclusively for their child to sleep in, rather than buying a crib as well. They are available with bassinets, changing stations, and other options, but all of them share one feature in common: They don’t come with a mattress. If you expect your child to sleep comfortably at home or on the road, get them a nice pack n play mattress.

How to Choose the Best Pack n Play Mattress

If you need to buy one, how do you decide which is the best pack n play mattress for you and your child? There are five main items to consider when shopping for a new pack n play mattress:

This may seem obvious, but many parents fail at this stage of the shopping experience. Make sure the mattress you order for your pack n play will fit. Take careful measurements of the width and length of your pack n play. Standard pack n play mattresses are 25 ½ inches wide and 37 ½ inches long. Thicknesses can vary from one inch up to five inches thick. Make sure the mattress you buy will fit, and fit snugly. You don’t want any gaps where your child can get stuck or roll into. Measure twice, and order once.
We are all concerned about the health of our children. When you are shopping for a new pack n play mattress, keep this in mind. Look for materials that are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, or are certified free of harmful substances like lead and phthalates. Knowing that your child is sleeping in a safe environment will help  you sleep better at night.
Make sure your new pack and play mattress has passed Federal flammability standards. The standards to look for are 16 CFR 1632 and 1633. These tests also identify hazardous substances that are released when the mattress is burned, which can be just as deadly as flames. Take the time to do your due diligence. There are lives at stake.
For any item that is considered portable, weight is always a concern. The beauty of a pack n play is that you can take it with you. Remember that you also need to bring the mattress with you. Stay away from pack n play mattresses that are heavy, which makes it difficult to handle. I like to research the shipping weights online, or browse through user reviews to see if portability is a problem.
Another way to approximate weight is to look at the materials used to make the mattress. Foam is light, cloth and vinyl are a little heavier, and springs add even more weight as well as rigidity. Picture yourself loading all of your gear into your vehicle and where it will all go. Space restrictions often make the decision for us. An all-foam mattress can be easily folded or rolled up to fit nicely most anywhere.

In addition to these four considerations, also examine the thickness of your pack n play mattress to determine the proper sheets to buy, and the cleanability of your new mattress.

Recommended Best Pack n Play Mattress Reviews

Now that we know how to find the best pack n play mattress, here are five of the best ones available on the internet, with a short review of each one:

Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress

best-pack-n-play-mattress The Heavenly Dreams mattress has standard size and is 5.5 inches thick for maximum comfort. It is hypoallergenic, lead-free, and phthalate-free. This mattress meets Federal standard 16 CFR 1633 for flammability and harmful chemicals.

The total weight of this mattress is 7.8 pounds, which most people can handle easily. The outer cover on this mattress is BPA-free Polypropylene, which is water resistant and wipes clean.

I think this is a great mattress. It has all the features I look for, at an affordable price. The only negative is the thickness, which could make it difficult to find sheets to fit. People who purchased this mattress really like how well this mattress retains its shape and also how easy it is to keep clean.

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Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

This 3-inch thick mattress measures 37.5 inches long by 25.5 inches wide. The vinyl cover cleans with soap and water, and helps to prevent odor, mold, and mildew.

Dream On Me Foam mattress passed lead, phthalate, and toxicity tests. It also passed Federal flammability tests 16 CFR 1632 and 1633.

This foam mattress weighs a mere 2.9 pounds.

In a nutshell, this mattress is as light as a feather and as safe as can be. This is a perfect mattress for any family. People who bought this mattress love how well it fits in the Graco Pack N Play.

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Dream On Me 3” Playard Mattress, White

best-pack-n-play-mattress This pack n play mattress from Dream On Me is three inches thick, 25.5 inches wide, and 37.5 inches long. It’s also made in the USA.

The waterproof, non-allergenic, antibacterial cover wipes clean and prevents mold and mildew.

This mattress passed all toxicity, phthalate, and lead testing, as well as Federal flammability tests 16 CFR 1632 and 1633.

This mattress is ninety percent foam, so it weighs in at only three pounds. That is excellent for portability.

This is another great foam mattress from Dream On Me. I like that it’s made here in America. Customers who bought this mattress like how firm the foam in this mattress is, despite its light weight. They also noted that this mattress fit a variety of different pack n plays very well.

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Dream On Me 5” Inner Spring Play Yard Mattress, White/Blue

best-pack-n-play-mattress This last mattress is also from Dream On Me. It’s 37.5 inches long and 25.5 inches wide, but it is also a whopping five inches thick.

This Dream On Me mattress also features the waterproof, hypo-allergenic, antibacterial vinyl cover to guard against mildew, mold, and odor. The cover cleans easily when wiped down with mild soap and water.

The mattress is phthalate free, and passed Federal flammability standards 16 CFR 1632 and 1633. It also passed lead and toxicity testing with flying colors.

This mattress is two inches thicker than the previous inner spring mattress, so it’s no surprise that it weighs a little more at 8.8 pounds. This is still very light if you need to take it with you, but you need space for the mattress as is. You can’t fold or roll this one up.

People who bought this mattress love that it’s just like a real crib mattress. They all said that their children slept very well on this mattress, and that fit was excellent as well. Some people said that finding sheets was difficult, but I found several sets recommended in the product reviews.

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Dream On Me 3” Inner Spring Carina Collection Pack N Play Mattress

best-pack-n-play-mattress This three-inch thick mattress from Dream On Me adds inner springs for extended foam and mattress life. It measures 26 inches wide by 38 inches long.

This mattress also has the waterproof antibacterial cover for mold, odor, and mildew protection.

The inner spring mattress passed all 16 CFR 1632/1633 Federal flammability tests in addition to toxicity testing. Materials used are lead and phthalate free.

This mattress is a little heavier with the addition of springs, weighing 7.8 pounds total.

This mattress is ½ inch bigger in length and width than the previous mattresses, so it may be a better choice for larger pack n plays. This mattress is also made in the USA, which is rare. Customers who bought this mattress like that it fits tightly inside their pack n plays, leaving absolutely no gaps. They also feel that the inner springs make this more of a real mattress, not just a plastic covered piece of foam.

Final Verdict

All five of these pack n play mattresses are good choices, but I always like to pick a winner. The winner of best pack and play mattress out of this group is the Dream On Me 3” Inner Spring Pack N Play Mattress. I like that it’s made in America, has all the safety features I expect, and I also like the inner springs which are sure to add longevity to the mattress. 3” mattresses are easier to find sheets for, and it’s still light enough for everyone to handle easily. For the best pack n play mattress, the Dream on Me 3” Inner Spring Mattress is a sweet buy.