Best Car Seat Stroller Combo

Moving your child around can be a complicated business. Loading them into the car, taking them out again, and then strapping them into a stroller even for a short walk around town, can mean that even the simplest journey becomes a real hassle.

Recently, many companies have tried to simplify the process by producing car seat and stroller combos. This innovative idea pairs a car seat with a stroller, and makes sure that the two are compatible.

Typically, the car seat portion of the combo can be easily removed from your car, and then will attach to the stroller. There are many systems used to connect the stroller with the car seat together, but if you buy an integrated system, like those we are reviewing today, you can be sure that they will fit perfectly!

The advantages of having a system like this are obvious. If your baby one always falls asleep on car journeys, you definitely do not want to wake them up when you reach your destination, and want to strap them into a stroller. With these travel systems, it is possible to move seamlessly from the car to the stroller without waking them!

How we revise

We review by listening to real parents. Nothing can beat their real-life experience of using these products, and when asked they are more than happy to divulge all the features and failings of their purchases!

For this review, we collected and read hundreds of product reviews, and talked to the parents who had written them. Sometimes, what a company sells as a feature can in reality become a major annoyance, something which new parents have enough of. And they tell us about these annoyances, at length. And so all the reviews below, though written by us, are based on real experiences.

Our Reviews

Different parents look for different things in a stroller and car seat combination. The features that are correct for you will depend on your lifestyle – do you push a stroller around a lot, or are you the kind of parent who drives almost everywhere?

With the most modern travel systems, you do not have to compromise on either the car seat or the stroller. In the travel systems we review below, both the car seat and stroller would easily stand on their own.

In addition to these basic considerations, each travel system comes with its own features, some of which are useful, and some less so. So without further ado, here are our favorites!

Final Thoughts

So which to choose?

Well, after careful consideration, we would recommend the Eddie Bauer TriTrek Travel System. We think that this system offers the best overall performance, in that both the stroller and car seat are excellently designed and built.

This is truly a travel system that you can take anywhere, and taking your little one out from your car and strapping them into the stroller becomes really easy!

Of course, the other travel systems that we have reviewed today are also great, and others will suit parents with particular requirements. When choosing a travel system, think carefully about how you will use it, and purchase accordingly!