As a mother, you want your baby to be comfortable and safe. Small, cozy, and portable, a bassinet might seem like the perfect place to put your new baby. A bassinet is a compact bed with a frame that can be made of numerous materials. Bassinets come in all types of fabrics, shapes, and size. Many modern bassinets come with all sorts of additional features, such as soft lights, vibration, or music. The HALO bassinet provides quality material that can allow you to sleep throughout the night without worrying about your child.

Health and Safety

Its base is wide and weighed enough that there does not seem to be a risk that it could tip over. It meets all standard safety regulations and carries the JPMA seal. The frame does not contain BPA, phthalates or lead. You can raise and stabilize the height of the sleeping area. You just have to tighten a knob by hand, but make sure you double check before putting your baby in the bassinet. If careful attention is paid when tightening the knob, it should not pose an issue.

Side Wall Lowers

To further help to recover mothers with limited mobility, the Halo bassinet has a wall that lowers easily when you apply pressure with your hand. This provides easy access for feeding and diaper changes in the middle-of-the-night. This also puts less strain on your back and also means you don’t even need to get out of bed, either. The side wall locks in the upright position to ensure your baby won’t roll out the bassinet.

Mesh Walls

The safest products are designed with mesh walls, providing proper airflow. This will allow quality breathing for your child, especially if they were to get into a position where their face was up against the side of the bassinet.

Build Quality

Remember that you are putting your baby in the bassinet that you are buying. Don’t buy low-quality bassinets that can be a safety hazard to your child. Make sure that the design and materials used for the one that you’ll buy will have good quality. This ensures that your baby will be safe in it. Though the higher quality material may be hard to move, it will be almost impossible to worry about your child’s safety with a bassinet that won’t wobble.


  • Swivels & Rotates: Its swivel design and retractable wall feature make it easy for mom to reach in and lift baby while in bed. After nursing, it also allows the mom to return the baby to his separate sleep area without requiring her to get out of bed.
  • Mesh sides which make it easy for you to see baby and also offer breathability
  • Side pockets to store extra diapers, pacifiers, etc
  • Can work for babies up to 30 pounds
  • Fitted bassinet sheet included
  • Nursing timer which allows mom to set an alert to remind her when it’s time to switch sides or to return baby to his bed
  • 2-level nightlight, 3 nature, and womb sounds, 3 music selections, 2 levels of vibration and a nursing timer. Each feature has an automatic shutoff after 30 minutes of use


Q: What are all the ways the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper can move?

A: Its dual-swivel design rotates a full 360 degrees from two distinct pivot points, allowing mom to position baby just where she wants him; the four-point, tip-proof base is universally adjustable to accommodate bed heights from 22”- 34.”

Q: How does the Bassinest Swivel Sleeper’s retractable sidewall work?

A: The retractable sidewall lowers easily when mom reaches in to lift or soothe your baby. Its auto-return safety feature automatically returns the sidewall to its original, upright position when the pressure is removed, ensuring that baby is always sleeping safely.

Q: Can the side wall lock feature be used to lock the wall in the “down” position?

A: The lock feature will only lock the wall in the upright position. Due to safety issues that can occur, it does not lock in the “down” position.

Final Verdict

Owning a bassinet is a wonderful way to help your baby sleep soundly during their first few months. Bassinets offer the convenience of placing the baby next to your bed while you sleep so that you can get to them quickly when they need you. There are countless models on the market, so it might be confusing when purchasing the right one for you. When you do the research and learn which features stand out to you from the rest, you’ll be better able to find the perfect bassinet for your baby. No matter which bassinet you choose, you’re going to love how convenient, safe, and comfortable a bassinet is for your child. Look for some of the best features on the market, such as bassinets that provide music, lights, and vibration, as well as those that come with fun toys and designs.

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