I was skeptical about buying a play yard/bassinet for my youngest child. I hadn’t had one for my older two, but after seeing how much my sisters and friends loved theirs, I did some research and was overwhelmed by the options. When I found the Chicco Lullaby Baby,Rainfall I was blown away by so many of the small details that Chicco has thought of including to make this as baby- and parent-friendly as possible. I purchased this elsewhere and have not been disappointed.

From the very beginning, this play yard has been something we’ve been able to use, and I foresee it being in our house for many, many more years.I love the simple navy-and-white fabric, the versatility, and the portability. This play yard/bassinet is easy to take on trips when we visit family, and gives my youngest his own familiar spot to sleep, even when we are away from home.

Safe Sleeping for Baby

CHICCO-LULLABY-BABY,-RAINFALLThe Chicco Lullaby Baby, Rainfall portable play yard has three separate configurations that can grow with your baby. A comfortable angled nap insert is covered with quilted fabric to give your newborn a cozy place to sleep and holds up to 15 pounds. For more secure sleeping, a bassinet insert has a quilted mattress allows babies up to 15 pounds to lay flat on their backs. Once your baby has grown, the inserts come out to give your older infant and toddler a spacious, enclosed place to play.

Diaper Changes with Ease

A changing attachment easily snaps onto the side of the play yard and holds children up to 25 pounds. With angled walls, your baby will be comfortable and safe. A parent organizer gives you space to store wipes, diapers, creams and lotions, and have everything right at your fingertips.

The changer insert folds down to the side of the play yard to give older infants and toddlers full access to walk around and play. When it’s time to change a diaper, the attachment can be quickly snapped back into place.


CHICCO-LULLABY-BABY,-RAINFALL1This Chicco Lullaby Baby, Rainfall play yard is a great option to have at a grandparent or childcare provider’s house to give your child a sense of comfort and security, or to have in a downstairs room in a two-story house. Your child has a dedicated place to nap and play that you can take with you wherever you need to go.

No Need for Extra Purchases

The Chicco Rainfall play yard/bassinet comes with all you need. We did buy some extra sheets, and a thicker mattress, but the play yard includes the bassinet mattress, nap insert and changing table.


  • I feel as this is one of the sturdiest play yards I’ve seen. It will hold up well to toddlers falling, jumping and playing with their toys.
  • A simple push of the button folds the play yard for storage or transportation.
  • The Rainfall play yard comes with a piece of fabric, almost a skirt, that allows you to store belongings under the play yard.


  • One of the biggest cons for me was the fact that the play yard is slightly longer than a standard play yard mattress, which leaves a gap for sleeping children.
  • Speaking of the mattress, it’s not the most comfortable. It seems like a hard piece of wood or cardboard covered in fabric.
  • The play yard is a little heavier than I was expecting. I appreciate that it’s well-made and sturdy, but it it’s a little unwieldy for frequent traveling.


There are a few things that make this Chicco Lullaby Baby, Rainfall play yard stand out from others on the market

  • The attached mobile has some cute figurines that my little one has loved to watch.
  • The mesh is great quality and will hold up well to the abuse these can take from rambunctious toddlers.
  • The mattress pad zips off for frequent cleanings.


How easy is the play yard to move?

This stroller fits through all standard doorways. It’s a little heavy, but it comes with a carrying bag that makes it easier to move from site to site.

Do I need special tools to put the play yard together?

Assembly only took about 30 minutes, and it went together pretty smoothly. The step-by-step instructions were clear and spelled out exactly how to assemble the play yard.


We are very satisfied with this purchase, and can’t speak highly enough of what a difference this has made in taking care of our youngest. Only a few small changes would make this perfect, but the flexibility and portability of the Chicco Rainfall Lullaby Baby blew every expectation we had out of the water and has made this one of my favorite baby purchases.

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