If you’re expecting a new baby, you might be trying to decide which pack and play or playard to put on your baby registry list or add to your must-buys. Portable playards are invaluable when it comes to taking care of your family’s new addition. They give your baby a safe place to nap and play, and thanks to their portability, they are excellent for trips away from home.

When I worked outside of the home, I was fortunate enough to take my baby to work with me. However, I needed a safe place for her to nap and play. Having a playard was a lifesaver, but I felt like she ran out of space in her standard pack and play rather quickly, especially once she had toys in it. Not only is it top-rated amongst parents, but as you’ll see in the features, it’s a generous size that works well into toddler-hood.

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the playard basics.

Joovy-Room2-Portable-Playard– One of the main appeals of playards is the ability to fold them up and travel with them. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to collapse it and set it up in the shortest amount of time possible. As parents, we usually have our hands full, so having an easy-to-use product is essential. Most playards come with a carrying case, which makes it even easier to travel with. Playards are perfect for trips out of town, nights at grandparents, or just having a secure place for your baby in your own home no matter what room you’re in.

– Some playards come with many extra accessories to make them multi-use. However, babies outgrow these features like bassinets and changing areas very quickly, so you might end up paying more for features you won’t use very long if you go with a feature-heavy model. If you are looking for a product that will mainly be used for playing and the occasional nap, you can skip the extras.

Joovy-Room2-Portable-Playard– When your baby is first born, it might not occur to you how rough and tumble they will become. Before you know it, they are testing the durability of everything you own. You’ll want to be sure the playard you choose can hold up to the tough treatment babies and toddlers give. Playards should be constructed of quality material and meet all of the safety standards to ensure that they can stand up to jumping babies and rambunctious toddlers.

– When you’re choosing a playard, consider what you’ll be using it for. If it is for traveling, you’ll want to make sure it is easily portable. Also, you’ll want it to have some type of carrying case or wheels to be able to transport it. If you want a safe place for your baby to nap and play while you get work done around the house, then you’ll want to be sure the playard looks nice in your home and has plenty of space for your baby to be comfortable.

FAQs About Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

  • What is the size limit for the playard?
  • Joovy does not list a weight limit for the playard. However, they do state that the playard is suitable for children from birth up to 35” tall.
  • Can you use any sheets for the mattress?
  • For safety reasons, you should stick with the sheet that comes with the playard since it is the proper size and has holes in the corners for the velcro attachment straps to go through.
  • Is the mattress padded?
  • Yes! The mattress is sturdy yet comfortable. Joovy used the maximum padding allowed for playards according to government standards.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a playard that gives your child ample room to play and sleep, Joovy Room2 is an excellent option. The durability and generous size mean you’ll get plenty of use out of it as your baby grows, and it is perfect for a safe space for your baby.

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