Best Baby Mobiles

Here are the five best baby mobiles currently available on the market. Their varying features and price points allow you to choose what best fits your needs and your budget. Let’s take a look at what makes these unique baby mobiles stand-out values.

Best Baby Mobiles – Guide & Reviews

Picture your contented baby, laying quietly in their crib as they stare up into the slowly orbiting miniature solar system floating above them. Seconds ago, your child was a weeping, screaming, fussing monster bent on depriving you of sleep for the rest of your natural life. So we will talk about Best Baby Mobiles today. Let’s Start.

Mobiles are an essential accessory when it comes to bringing peace to the playroom or calm at bedtime. This is just one reason a good baby mobile is important. A baby mobile is a rotating armature with colorful hanging toys that you place over a baby’s crib to entertain and stimulate your baby. A good baby mobile is also important to your child’s development when they are in the earliest stages of their life. Many babies spend a lot of time on their backs when they are very small, and hanging a mobile provides much-needed stimulation to their developing brain. Childhood development research  has shown that the more stimulation a baby’s brain receives during infancy and the pre-toddler years, the better their cognitive, physical, and visual acuity as they grow older.

Early and regular stimulation helps children develop stronger connections between the left and right halves of their brain, which sets them up for long term success as they grow. Obviously due to these factors, choosing the right baby mobile for your baby can be a difficult process with so many options and possibilities. Fortunately, I have reviewed the five best on the market to help you make an informed decision. Before we get into the reviews though, here are some points to ponder when shopping for a baby mobile for your child.

How To Choose The Best Baby Mobiles

Four things to consider before buying Baby Mobiles.


There are two types of baby mobile mounting styles on the market: ceiling mounted and crib mounted.Ceiling mounted mobiles are the original old-school baby mobile design that was the only type available for many years. These are attached to the ceiling of the room by a hook or screw drilled into a beam. This is definitely a sturdy option, but if you move the crib or decide it’s time for the mobile to come down, the hole from the mounting screw or hook will need to be patched over and painted.

Crib mounted mobiles are the current and most popular type of baby mobile mounting. These unique baby mobiles attach directly to your baby’s crib rail, and require very little effort in terms of installation. Additionally, crib mounted mobiles can hold more weight, which means they can support more complex and entertaining mobiles. When choosing a mobile for your kid, considering how you will mount it can make all the difference in what model you choose. In my opinion though, crib-mounting is the smart choice for most people.


Baby mobiles are propelled in one of two ways: wind operated and motorized. Wind operated models are super lightweight, and spin with even the lightest touch of moving air. These models tend to be less popular than their motorized counterparts, as most baby’s rooms do not have a constant flow of air. Some parents choose to use an oscillating fan to keep the mobile spinning, but this solution works best in only in summer.

Mechanical or motorized mobiles are far easier to operate: you push a button, and the mobile rotates serenely above your child for hours on end. Most are battery operated, which can be costly, but certain higher end models have timers that can be used to conserve battery life. Another advantage of mechanical mobiles is that they can move up and down and change direction between clockwise and counterclockwise. This makes for a better overall experience for the baby, and provides additional stimulation.

Method and manner of movement definitely need to be considered when buying a baby mobile. Personally, I’d pick a motorized model to prevent fussing every time the air stops moving through the room.

Theme and design

Most parents already have a theme and design in mind for their baby’s room, especially if it is their first baby. When you go to choose a mobile, you want to be sure it fits the room. Do the colors match, or will the mobile add a splash of contrast? Should the mobile have objects that complement the theme or should they stand out? Some parents actually place two mobiles in the room if they have space: one over the crib, and one over the diaper changing station. That way, when its time to change diapers, your little one can be entertained by another mobile moving overhead. Also, it is important

That way, when its time to change diapers, your little one can be entertained by another mobile moving overhead. Also, it is important when considering a mobile design to test it yourself. If possible, hold the mobile over your own head and look up to give you a baby’s eye view. It may look perfect from where you see it, but how will your baby see it? These may seem like minor concerns, but they are important considerations when you are investing in something our child is likely to use multiple times per day.

For my money, I’d want something brightly colored with LED lights and music, preferably that contrasts with the theme of the room in terms of color if not theme. To provide more sensory stimulation, I think the mobile should stand out more and be illuminated, preferrably with some kind of pulsing pattern that coordinates with the movement of the mobile pieces.

Extra features

Today’s baby mobile’s have some amazing options that you will definitely want to consider when choosing one for your baby. One option that many parents find appealing is soft, pulsing LED lights. These can be very soothing for your child to watch, especially at night. Another popular feature is a projection night light, which can beam colorful patterns and designs against the wall or ceiling, providing soft illumination so your child will not be alone in the dark. Some Baby Mobiles also come equipped with a portable stroller clip so that the mobile can travel with you during the day.

A similar feature with many musical baby mobiles is detachable toys that can be played with while your baby is awake. Others offer nature sound generators like soothing ocean waves or night sounds in a forest. Many full featured models can also be operated with a remote control. There are many, many customizations that you can choose for your baby’s mobiles.

This is where choosing a mobile can become a little overwhelming for most parents, because until you test out specific features with your baby, it’s hard to know what they will and will not respond to in their crib. Be sure to check out the additional features to make sure you choose the one that is best for your baby.

Final Verdict

When choosing a mobile, make sure you take the right factors into consideration so that you are able to meet your standards and your child’s needs without breaking the bank. It’s all about balance and what suits your situation best. You don’t want to overspend on features that you won’t need, and yet you don’t want your mobile to be uninteresting or lack stimulus for your kid. After taking all these factors into consideration with each of these unique baby mobiles, I have arrived at a verdict.

If I were choosing a baby mobile for my child, I would choose the Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile. In terms of sensory development benefits, it is bright, colorful, multi-dimensional, and features lighting and sound timed to the motion and lighting of the mobile. Judging it by style, it is complex enough to be interesting, but not so complex that it’s too busy or over-stimulating. Regarding quality, this product bears the Fisher-Price name, an they have been building toys to last a lifetime for over 75 years. Their products are durable and attractive, and they do not wear out or need replacing.

Additionally, I like this model because of the remote control activation. Sometimes, being able to turn something on and off from a distance is what makes it the most convenient model to me. Finally, cost-wise this model may be on the more expensive end of baby mobiles, but it is worth every penny in terms of features, quality, and longevity.

If you are looking for the best overall value for your dollar, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile is the model of choice. Get one for yourself and watch your child’s face light up with wonder… just before they drift off to sleep.