Tiny Love Meadow Days Soothe 'n Groove Baby Mobile

  • Grows along with baby: Starts with baby in crib as a musical mobile; Later, the mobile can be removed for fun toddler play as stand alone music box
  • Entertaining choices: Offers 6 different musical options with a total of 18 engaging melodies
  • Soothe and amuse: 40 minutes of uninterrupted music: Choose between calming tunes for naptime, more energetic music for interactive play, or use the shuffle option for a fresh listening experience every time
  • Soothing mobile motion: Specially designed soothing motion for a calm, relaxed baby
  • Calming nightlight: Soft nightlight comforts baby during quiet times

The multidimensional movement and soft music of this mobile soothe your child to sleep as it also stimulates their cognitive, spatial, and auditory development. To encourage focus and help your child develop visually, this mobile features three plush animal characters designed to keep your child stimulated and engaged.With their colorful faces and friendly smiles, these characters will spin and dance your little one off to dreamland.

You can even choose the soundtrack from 40 minutes of non-repeating music that can soothe or engage their visual and auditory senses. Jazz, classical, world music, sounds of nature, white noise, lullabies, or womb noise can be selected to provide a musical background for your child while they rest in their crib. Better still, with 18 songs in 6 categories, you will not be driven to distraction by hearing the same songs in a row over and over again.

One of the things I like best about this mobile is the grow-along-with-baby features. For example, when your child outgrows the need for a mobile, the rotating portion can be removed, leaving the music box in place for your child to continue to enjoy. There is even a child-friendly button that on the face of the music box that your little one can press themselves to change the music. Once your child moves on to being mobile on their own, they can even carry the music box around with them using the carry handle.

I also found that this model is exceptionally sturdy and durable, and has clearly been designed to survive being well-loved by an active child. This model’s price point puts it in the high-end range for cost, but it is definitely worthwhile in terms of quality. I love the way the Rainforest creatures move between the trees, leaves, and branches on this model, and it all coordinates so perfectly with the built-in melodies or the nature sounds. I also find the remote to be a welcome accessory, especially when kept by the door of the nursery. I’d pick this for my baby if I was planning to keep it long term and take advantage of the features that make it long-lasting even beyond its initial function as a mobile.

What we liked

  • Good cost/value ratio
  • Extremely durable with a high quality build
  • Long term value with standalone features
  • Crib mounted for easy installation
  • Built in nightlight eliminates need for wall plug model
  • Music box does not repeat the same tracks over and over again
  • Music box with 40 different songs
  • Calming nightlight
  • Baby activated buttons for music and nightlight
  • Grows with your child from a mobile to a stand-alone music box
  • Plush animal characters add color and texture
  • Multidimensional movement provides additional spatial stimulation

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